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   A Basses - Custom Basses that sing.
   Alembic, Inc. - Custom Basses and Guitars
   Alumisonic - Aluminum guitars Made in USA.
   Alvarez / Yairi Guitars - Acoustics, Electrics, Basses.
   Allen Guitars - Custom Guitars
   Antonio Pinto de Carvalho (APC Instruments) - Handmade classical guitars , Portugal.
   Art Guitars - Instruments with unforgettable looks.
   Baranick - Custom acoustic guitars.
   B. Hefner Co. - Custom guitars and basses, Fender guitar parts
   B.C. Rich - Handmade solidbody guitars.
   Belevski Guitars - Handmade Custom acoustics, electrics, resonators, basses, etc..
   Benavente Guitars - Handmade guitars and basses.
   Blackbird Guitars - Handcrafted in San Franciso.
   Blindworm Guitars - Heavily sculpted, high end custom guitars and basses.
   Brian Moore Custom Guitars - Unusual custom guitars and basses. Will build to your specs.
   Bruce Sexauer's Handmade Guitars - since 1967. Also string basses (mostly Czech).
   BuscarinoƊGuitars - High End Archtops.
   Callaham Guitars - handmade vintage reproduction electric guitars from the 50's and 60's.
   Carl S Custom Basses - Handmade custom basses. Made in USA.
    CavaliĆ© Guitars - Handmade acoustic & classical guitars. Made in France.
   Campbell American Guitars - American Made in New England.
   Carvin - A manufacturer of guitar, bass.
   Charvel Guitars - The original EVH guitars.
   Charles Fox Guitars - Hand-made acoustic steel string and classical guitars.
   Celinder Bass Guitars - Handmade bass guitars.
   Citron Guitars - Electric guitars and basses.
   Collings Guitars - Dreadnaught, Archtop, Solidbody - Guitars & Mandolins
   Composit Acoustics - Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars.
   Conklin Guitars - Enter a world of make believe. Built for you.
   Daisy Rock Guitars - Heart shaped guitars. As seen on Cartoon Network.
   Dean Guitars - Some old, some new. Still Dean.
   Dillion Guitars - Korean Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Bass.
   Dingwall Designer Guitars - electric guitars and basses. Voodoo Bass w/ patented Novax fretboard.
   DP Custom Guitars - A maker of basses and guitars using exotic hardwoods.
   D - Scott Guitars - Custom made electric solidbody guitars.
   Eastwood Guitars - Sixties Style Design Electric and Bass Guitars.
   Ehlers Guitars - Steel String Guitars.
   Epiphone - A division of Gibson Guitars.
   Ervin Somogyi - Steel string classic and flamenco guitars.
   ESP Guitars - Basses and guitars.
   Everett Guitars - Steel string and classical acoustic guitars.
   EVH - Wolfgang & Frankenstein.
   Fender Guitars - Guitars, Basses and everything to go with them.
   Fernandes Guitars USA Inc. - Guitars & basses.
   Fina - Acoustic guitars and basses.
   Fodera Guitars Inc. - Custom solid body electric guitars and basses.
   Foster Guitars - A New Orleans legend. Custom made 6 and 7 string hollow bodies.
   Framus Guitars - Solid and Hollow Body electric guitars.
   Gander Guitars - Elegantly designed handmade electric guitars.
   Gazer Guitars - Hand made electric guitars and basses.
   GeorgeBoards - Custom Handmade Lap Steel Guitars.
   Gibson Musical Instruments - Guitars, Basses.
   Gittler Instruments, LLC - Titanium Guitars & Basses.
   G & L - Guitar Legacy of Leo Fender Continues.
   Godin Guitars - Canadian made electrics.
   Gretsch Guitars - Specializing in vintage guitars (hollowbody acoustic and bass) .
   Don Grosh - Custom made guitars.
   Halo Guitars - Electric Guitars & Basses.
   Hamer - Guitars and basses.
   Harmony Guitar Company - Vintage & Custom Electrics.
   Hemken Guitars - Hand Made Archtops.
   Ibanez -Guitars , Basses.
   Jackson Guitars - Guitars , Basses.
   Jasmine Guitars - Takamine's Inexpensive line.
   Joe's Guitars - Custom made electric guitars.
   Joe Till's Guitars - Handmade in California.
   Kanilea Ukulele - Standard to professional level Ukuleles.
   KD Basses - Custom Basses & Guitars.
   King Blossom Guitars - Custom Electric Guitars.
   Knooren Handcrafted Instruments - Archtops & Solid Body guitars and basses.
   Kohno Guitars - Japanese Classical Masterpieces.
   Kona Guitars - Acoustic & Electric guitars and basses.
   Lace - Bass and guitar pickups and Guitars.
   Lakland Musical Instruments - Electric Bass guitars, active and passive.
   Letts Basses - Hand made basses and guitars from the UK.
   Lichty Guitars - Hand made Acoustic guitars and Ukuleles.
   Little Guitar Works - Handcrafted standard and ergonomic electric basses & guitars. Torzal Natural Twist.
   Augustino LoPrinzi Guitars - Handmade classical, steel string & ukelele.
   Mammoth Guitars - Solid body and semi-hollow electric guitars to your configuration.
   Manne Guitars - Italian basses and guitars.
   CF Martin Guitar Company - Acoustic Guitars & Basses, Mandolins, etc.
   Matthew Mustapick Guitars - Handmade Steel, Nylon string & Acoustic Baritone Guitars.
   McAlister - Acoustic Guitars.
   Melancon Guitars - Custom handmade guitars from Louisiana.
   Mermer Guitars - Steel String hand made guitars.
   Michael Tobias Design (MTD) - American hand made basses.
   Mike Lull's Custom Guitars - Custom guitars and basses .
   Miller Signature Basses - custom made basses.
   Miranda Guitars - Full-size Travel/Silent-practice guitar in a violin-size case.
   Moonstone - Acoustics/Electrics.
   Moses Graphite - Custom Axes, necks.
   MJ Guitar - Hollowbodies, customs.
   Music Man - Guitars and basses.
   New Orleans Guitar - Custom Handmade Electric Guitars & Basses.
   Odssey - Handmade Basses.
   Out Of Control Guitars - Handmade Guitars & Necks. Custom orders available.
   Palmer Guitars - Acoustic & Electric Guitars & Basses.
   Parker Guitars - The Fly, Electrics, Basses, Acoustics & Jazz Guitars.
   Paul Fischer Guitars - Handmade Classical Guitars from Great Britain.
   Paul Reed Smith - Electrics Extrodinaire.
   Peavey Guitars -One of the few remaining American guitar manufacturers.
   Pedulla Basses - American Made fretted and fretless basses.
   Pensa - Handmade, custom guitars and basses .
   Petros Guitars - Steel & Nylon string guitars for the fingerstyle player.
   Phantom Guitarworks - Electric Teardrop Shaped & Mando guitars.
   Pimentel & Sons Guitar Makers - Handmade acoustic guitars.
   Rickenbacker - Electric guitars , basses.
   Rick Mccurdy - Building custom guitars since 1981.
   Ritter Basses - Handmade electric basses. 4, 5, 6 & 7 strings. Very nice.name - description
   Sadowsky Guitars, Ltd - Guitars and basses.
   Sanden Guitars - Handmade Acoustic Guitars.
   SB MacDonald Custom Instruments - Custom guitars, basses, banjos, dulcimers and resonator guitars.
   Santa Cruz Guitar Company - Handmade Acoustic Guitars.
   Schecter Guitar Research - guitars and basses.
   Seagull - Canadian made acoustics.
   Simon & Patrick - Canadian handmade acoustic guitars.
   Spector Bass - Electric Basses - US and Import.
   Steinberger - headless guitars and basses.
   Stromberg Jazz Guitars - Hollow & Semi Hollow Archtop Electrics.
   Tacoma Guitars - Acoustic Guitars, Basses and Mandolins.
   Takamine Guitars - Handcrafted acoustic guitars .
   Taylor Guitars - Acoustic and Electric guitars by Bob Taylor .
   Tregan Guitars - Electric Guitars & Basses. Crafted in South Korea.
   Trinity River Guitars - Acoutic Guitars, Banjos, Mandolins, Resonators and Fiddles
   Tyler Guitars - Custom made guitars, basses & pickups.
   U.S. Masters Guitar Works - High quality American Made guitars and basses.
   Vigier - Guitars, basses, strings.
   Warwick - Basses.
   Washburn - Guitars & basses.
   Wayne Guitars - Handmade in USA by Wayne & Michael Charvel.
   Wilkat Guitars - Custom made Electric guitars & basses.
   Yamaha Guitars - Longtime maker of electrics, acoustics, basses.
   Yairi Guitars - Acoustics, Electrics, Basses.

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