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Guitar Amp Schematics

WARNING - If you are not a qualified technician please do not attempt any repair you are not confident with. Amplifiers (especially tube amps) contain high voltages that can kill ! Even when unplugged the capacitors can still contain a substantial charge and must be discharged before attempting any work.


   Bassman 5b6 Schematic

   Bassman 6g6b Schematic

   Bassman 10 Schematic

   Bassman 25 Schematic

   Bassman 60 Schematic

   Bassman 100 Schematic

   Blues Jr Schematic

   Champ 5f1 Schematic

   Champ Super Schematic

   Champ Vibro aa764 Schematic

   Champ Vibro Layout

   Deluxe Reverb II Schematic

   Deluxe Reverb ab763 Schematic

   Deluxe Reverb ab763 Layout

   Deluxe Reverb Guts

   Deluxe Reverb ab868 Schematic

   Hotrod Deluxe Schematic

   HotRod Deville Schematic

   Princeton aa964 Schematic

   Princeton aa964 Layout

   Princeton 6g2 Schematic

   Princeton 6g2 Layout

   Princeton 5d2 Schematic

   Princeton 5d2 Layout

   Pro 5c5 Schematic

   Pro 5c5 Layout

   Pro Reverb AA165 Schematic

   Pro Reverb AA165 Layout

   Super Reverb aa270 Schematic

   Super Reverb aa270 Layout

   Super Reverb aa1069 Schematic

   Super Reverb aa1069 Layout

   Super Reverb ab763 Schematic

   Super Reverb ab763 Layout

   Twin 5c8 Schematic

   Twin 5c8 Layout

   Twin 5d8 Schematic

   Twin 5d8 Layout

   Twin aa270 Schematic

   Twin aa270 Schematic


   Marshall JCM800 2204 Mk 2 Lead Schematic

   Marshall JCM800 4210 Combo Schematic

   Marshall 1959 SLP Preamp Schematic

   Marshall 1959 SLP Power Schematic

   Marshall 1959 STD Preamp Schematic

   Marshall 1959 STD Power Schematic

   Marshall 1987 STD Preamp Schematic

   Marshall 1987 STD Power Schematic

   Marshall 2204 Preamp Schematic

   Marshall 2204 Power Schematic

   Marshall JCM900 Preamp Schematic

   Marshall JCM900 Power (100w) Schematic

   Marshall JTM30 Preamp Schematic

   Marshall JTM30 Power Schematic

   Marshall JTM45 Reissue Schematic

   Marshall JTM60 Preamp Schematic

   Marshall JTM60 Power Schematic


   Ampeg AC12 Schematic

   Ampeg B15n Schematic

   Ampeg B25 Schematic

   Ampeg SVT 6146b Schematic

   Ampeg SVT 6550a Schematic

   Ampeg V2 Power Schematic

   Ampeg V2 Preamp Schematic

   Ampeg V3 Power Schematic

   Ampeg V3 Preamp Schematic

   Ampeg V4 Power Schematic

   Ampeg V4 Preamp Schematic

   Ampeg V9 Power Schematic

   Ampeg V9 Preamp Schematic

   Ampeg VT40 Power Schematic

   Ampeg VT40 Preamp Schematic


   Gibson GA-15 Maestro Schematic

   Gibson GA-15RVT Explorer Schematic

   Gibson GA-16T Viscount Schematic

   Gibson GA-17rvt Scout Schematic

   Gibson GA-19RVT Falcon Schematic

   Gibson GA-20 Crest Schematic

   Gibson GA-20RVT MinuteMan Schematic

   Gibson GA-25RVT Hawk Schematic

   Gibson GA-30 Invader Schematic

   Gibson GA-30B Schematic

   Gibson GA-35RVT Schematic

   Gibson GA-45RV Maestro Schematic

   Gibson GA-55 Ranger Schematic

   Gibson GA-75 Recording Schematic

   Gibson GA-77 Vanguard Schematic


   Sovtek MIG-50 Schematic

   Sovtek MIG-100H Schematic

   Sovtek MIG-500 Schematic


   Laney GC30V Schematic

   Laney L30R Schematic

   Laney LC15 Schematic

   Laney LC50-II Schematic

   Laney PL50RH Schematic

   Laney PL100B Schematic

* These schematics are copyrighted by the manufacturers and are offered here free for educational use only and are not intended for resale. Guitar Nucleus does not give any guarantees on the accurancy of any schematics.

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