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    On this page you will find links to wiring diagrams for several different guitars/basses. Go here to the Guitar & Bass Wiring for explanations on basic potentiometer, switch, pickup and jack wiring techniques. Most of the following diagrams will be drawings showing wiring instead of schematics since not everyone knows the symbols used in electronics. However, there is a section on the Guitar & Bass Wiring page that shows some of the basic symbols you would see in a guitar schematic drawing for those who would like to get started learning some basics about reading schematics.

If you need amplifier schematics many manufacturers supply them on their websites for free. Fender has a large selection of diagrams and schematics for both instruments and amplifiers.

If you are new to electronics please don't take you amplifier apart thinking wiring guitars is all the knowledge you need. You will find a jungle in there that doesn't even resemble a guitars' wiring and you could damage your amp or yourself. Remember - Your guitar doesn't plug into a 120 volt wall socket !

* The diagrams listed here come from a variety of sources. Manufacturer tech packs, websites, etc.. They are posted here for educational purposes and not intended for resale. They are here strictly to provide educational info for musicians to become more self sufficient.

      Hope you find these useful and have fun.

Guitar & Bass Wiring Diagrams

Stratocaster Guitar
50'sStratocaster 60'sStratocaster 70'sStratocaster 50th Anniversary American Deluxe Stratocaster
Double Fat Strat Fat Strat Deluxe Double Fat Strat HH American Fat Strat Texas Special
American Deluxe Fat Strat HSS American Double Fat Strat HT American Stratocaster HH HT Acoustasonic Stratocaster
Elite Strat Elite Strat PC board Strat Box Switch
Telecaster Guitar
50's Telecaster 60's Telecaster '69 Telecaster Thinline 72 Telecaster Custom Upgrade 2005
72's Telecaster Custom 90s Telecaster Thinline 90s Telecaster Thinline (Upgrade) American Deluxe Power Telecaster
4 Way Tele Switch American Series Telecaster Lace Sensor Tele Hot Rod Fat Tele
Highway 1 Telecaster Highway 1 Telecaster 2005 Upgrade Highway 1 Texas Tele Highway 1 Telecaster Upgrade 2005
3 Way 2 Pickup Tele Style
Jaguar / Jazzmaster / Esquire
'62 Jaguar '62 JazzMaster '50s Esquire
Jazz Bass
'62 American Vintage Jazz Bass '75 American Vintage Jazz Bass Highway 1 Jazz Bass
Precision Bass
'57 American Vintage Precision '62 American Vintage Precision American Deluxe Precision Highway 1 Precision
American Deluxe Precision Upgrade 2003 American Deluxe Precision Upgrade 2004 American Deluxe Precision Upgrade 2005
Toronado Guitar
Toronado Toronado DE Toronado HH Toronado GT HH
Toronado upgrade 2005 Highway 1 Toronado
Cyclone Guitar
Fender Cyclone Fender Cyclone II Fender Cyclone HH
P Bass Elite Elite P Bass PC board
Lace Sensor
Lace Sensor P Bass Lace Dual 3 way Lace Dual 2 way Lace Sensor Strat


Les Paul 2 Pickup NightHawk 2 pickup SG 1 pickup Joe Perry LP
Ace Frehley LP 3 pickup

BC Rich

Innovator Bass NJ Guitar NJ Bass Beast
Active Bich Kerry King KKV Mick 7 Active Electronics


Virtual Vintage Strat Humbucker-Single-Humbucker 2 Humbucker Rotary switch
Hum-Single(cancelling)-Hum Virtual Vintage Strat / Push-Pull 2 Hum 3-way / split Switch


1 Pickup 1 Volume 1 Tone 2 Pickup 2 Volume 1 Tone 2 Pickup 1 Vol 1 Tone 3 way toggle
2 Pickup 1 Vol 1 Tone 3 way blade 3 Pickup 1 Vol 1 Tone 5 way blade 3 Pickup 1 Vol 2 Tone 5 way blade
2 Pickup 2 Vol 1 Tone 3 way toggle 2 Pickup 2 Vol 2 Tone 3 way toggle


Jem AS200 IC300 PGM300
RX20 , TC420 AF120 , AF80 GR220 , JS700 FGM300
AR300 , MC300 SR300 , TR70 ATK300 , ATK500 SR500 , SR600


1 Pickup 1 Tone Wiring 2 Pickup 1 Volume 3 Way Wiring Pickup Manufactures Codes

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